Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Animal Friends Home-to-Home program presents: Benni and Samson!

 Benni and Samson are both short haired Gemini kitties born on May 25, 2014. They could be considered fraternal twins that speak to each other in a code similar to the game marco-polo.

Benni is a curly tailed tabby that loves anything to do with laser pointers.  In fact if you say the word laser in front of him he starts seeking out red dots!  

 Samson is a black and white longer tailed cat, to make up for his brothers short stubby tail. He much prefers hanging out in the bathroom tub, licking moisture off of the shower curtain, or lounging atop shampoo bottles.  

 These guys are free to a good home, but CANNOT be split up. Benni and Samson have been glued at the hip since birth so to tear them apart is a big no-no.  They are also strictly indoor cats since they have never been outside.  A smaller home or apartment is fine, as long as they have plenty of toys to play with and the landlord is okay with pets. All we will need to place these 1-year-olds is proof that you are permitted cats and an overwhelming sense that they are in good hands.  

If interested please contact-
Claire Dorman: 724-518-7723
Or Colleen Amos: 412-758-7105

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