Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Animal Friends Home-To-Home Adoption Program presents: Nala!

Nala is a beautiful, 4-year-old female, orange Tabby cat who was found, as a kitten, abandoned and alone, on the side of the road.  We took her in, and she was immediately given a clean bill of health by the vet, and introduced to our family - including an adult female cat, 2 adults and a 2-year-old girl, with a baby to follow in a year.

Nala is a sweet cat who gets along well with the young children in the house, a 3 year old and 6 year old - often sleeping in their beds with them.  She can be a bit rambunctious, but it is mostly with attempts to play with a non-compliant older cat.  Since she has been with us, she has been diagnosed by multiple vets with high stress and anxiety.  Because she does not do well in a high stress environment, we are unfortunately looking to place her in another, loving home.  She would likely do best in a home with a consistent schedule.

 If you can help give Nala the home she needs, please contact Talia at taliaeubanks@gmail.com.

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