Thursday, 10 March 2016

Animal Friends' Home-to-Home Adoption Program Presents Lover Boy!

Crystalann writes about Lover Boy ...

I rescued Lover Boy in Dammam, Saudi Arabia when I was living there a little over a year ago.  His age is unknown although my best guess is that he is around 2-4 years old. My friend and I found him in a local park and he was eager to come up to us for some food and affection. He is considered to be a black and white Domestic Shorthair.  

Lover Boy has only half of a black mustache and a big black heart on the side of his body.  A strong and large body describes his physical appearance. Although he should not be in a household with any other animals, he is affectionate and loving towards people. He has aggression towards cats and should not be permitted around any other cats and he should always remain indoors.  

Lover Boy loves toy mice, toys, affection, attention, shoulder rides, warm laps, snuggling, petting, talking to him, being around people, cat trees/castles/things to climb, scratching posts, cat treats and tuna. He dislikes being alone, loud noises, being cold (he's from the Middle East), cat harnesses and being locked up.   


I want to give Lover Boy the wonderful life that he deserves. Unfortunately I cannot keep him in my household because we have other cats and he doesn't get along with them. 

For a home with gentle, loving people and no other animals, Lover Boy would be the perfect match!  

 If you can help Lover Boy find a loving home, please contact Crystalann at

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