Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Before his first birthday, Rygar had suffered through more hardships than any dog should in a lifetime.
Rygar was one of seven puppies that came to Animal Friends after being confiscated by our Humane Investigations team. He, along with four of his littermates, was found to have parvovirus, a potentially life-threatening virus. At such a young age, Rygar was already being forced to fight for his life.
Thankfully, Rygar was treated and made a full recovery. He received all of his vaccinations, was neutered and became an Animal Friends’ summer camp puppy where he helped to show the young campers about the importance of responsible pet ownership. Rygar worked with the students to learn manners and basic commands while teaching them about the important relationship people can have with their pets. Educating the next generation about how to treat their pets is a vital part of allowing Animal Friends’ lifesaving mission to continue for years to come.
After summer camp, Rygar was quickly adopted. Buta few months later, he was back at Animal Friends. His family was moving and couldn’t take him.
As tiny Rygar grew, he developed an extremely painful condition which caused his kneecaps to roll inward. Rygar’s case was severe and affected both of his hind legs. We set up a consultation and scheduled the surgery that would rebuild his knees.

After a successful surgery, Rygar went into foster care. His road to recovery promised to be a long one, but with the help of his foster parents, Rygar was well on his way to leading a normal life.
Several weeks into his recovery we received a call from Rygar’s foster family … they had quickly fallen in love with him and his foster home became his new permanent home! We weren't surprised, but we weren't any less thrilled for the little guy.
Rygar’s miraculous story is one that shows in so many ways the amount of compassion that goes into what we do at Animal Friends. Over the past month for 31 Days of Compassion, we’ve enjoyed sharing stories that may have brought a tear to your eye, but have no doubt warmed your heart. These stories show what is possible with the love, dedication, determination (and of course, compassion!) of our staff, volunteers and supporters like you.
You can ensure that the next animal in need will receive the same compassionate care as Rygar. Donate now.

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