Monday, 16 May 2016

Sadie's Third Chance

“Something’s wrong. She’s not breathing,” one of the vet techs called to the staff veterinarian.

The tiny kitten had been born just a couple months prior at Animal Friends. Her pregnant mother Sonnet, and nearly three dozen other cats, had come to Animal Friends after being rescued from a severe hoarding situation. Sadie had just escaped being born into an unspeakable life in a now-condemned house.

But now, Sadie was on the verge of losing the second chance she had just been given. She was nearing the day where she was ready to find a loving home, but first had to be spayed. She was a strong, healthy kitten. And, there was no reason to expect that Sadie would have a life-threatening reaction to anesthesia during a routine procedure. But there she was … not breathing … and her heart had stopped.

As quickly as the 2-pound kitten’s breath had stopped, our skilled medical staff jumped into action, performing lifesaving CPR. After a few tense moments, little Sadie was back.

Every day, Animal Friends gives second chances to pets who have found their way through our doors. And sometimes, these animals are in need of a third, or fourth, chance at the life they deserve.

Sadie was given her second and third chances at Animal Friends even before she was old enough to be adopted. She made a full recovery, was safely spayed and found a loving family.

It’s not just the extra special animals, like Sadie, who receive this level of attention and care at Animal Friends. We work tirelessly on behalf of each and every one of our shelter dogs, cats and rabbits.

But without compassionate supporters like you, it simply would not be possible.

You can help more animals, just like Sadie, get another chance at a healthy, happy life. During 31 Days of Compassion at Animal Friends, your donation will be matched! Right now, you can help even more animals.

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