Thursday, 5 May 2016

Waiting Far Too Long

When you meet Marie for the first time, you’ll probably think what everyone else does… that she’s a happy and energetic puppy, no older than a year-and-a-half, two at the most. That’s probably because, while she is actually about four years old, we're not sure if she ever had the opportunity to be a puppy. Marie is making up for lost time now because the first couple years of her young life were unimaginable. She was rescued by our Humane Investigations Department and brought to Animal Friends after she was found abandoned outside without food or water.

With such a sad beginning, Marie’s story has slowly turned for the better as she has flourished in her new environment, receiving proper training, a safe place to live and play, and lots and lots of love! She has come such a long way from the frightened, malnourished, filthy from head-to-tail pup that first came to the shelter, and has developed a superstar personality. With her high level of energy, Marie is a constant source of laughs and smiles for the staff and volunteers who have gotten to know her so well.

Marie’s story is far from complete as she impatiently waits for a loving home. She has been waiting, in fact, for much longer than any dog with such a positive and compassionate spirit should have to. Marie has lived at Animal Friends for nearly two years.

While she receives plenty of love and all the care she needs each day, this beautiful girl desperately needs to find a place to settle in with a loving family to call her own. Marie is an incredibly intelligent dog with an abundance of love and happiness to share, with just the right amount of pep to keep her lucky new family on the move.

No pet should have to wait as long as Marie, but because of support from compassionate, caring people like you Animal Friends is able to provide a comprehensive, individualized approach for each of our dogs, cats and rabbits until they find the right family.

You can ensure Animal Friends' commitment to the animals in our care continues Animal Friends’ 31 Days of Compassion!

Thanks to a challenge from an incredibly generous donor, each donation to Animal Friends during the month of May will be matched 50 cents on the dollar up to $40,000! You can improve the lives of the pets and people in our region this month. Give a gift today!

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