Friday, 24 June 2016

Adopting Two Cats from Animal Friends is Twice as Nice!

During an extremely active kitten season, Animal Friends has been working diligently to admit as many cats and kittens as possible from a variety of sources. In an effort to do all that can be done, Animal Friends is filled to capacity.

That's why we are sharing the many, many benefits of adopting two cats - it's "Twice as Nice!" But we're not stopping there. When you adopt one cat between now and June 30, your donation will cover two feline adoptions!
Here are just a few of the reasons to consider adopting two cats:
  • Having a constant playmate to chase and wrestle with helps keep cats lively, well-exercised and healthy.
  • Often, destructive behavior in pets can be traced to boredom. The stimulation of a companion can help to ward off inappropriate feline behaviors and scratching.
  • Two cats will keep you laughing with their antics.
  • Many cats are social creatures, and will happily groom one another and sleep cuddled together.
  • People who work long hours, travel overnight or spend frequent evenings away from home will find a warm greeting upon returning, but without the guilt of leaving a beloved pet all alone.
  • Two cats will bring their humans double the love. The only thing more heartwarming than the love of a pet is the love of two.
  • They make great lap warmers in winter and will offer an endless supply of purrs and head butts.
  • Adopting two cats actually saves four lives - the two you're adopting, and the two that will take their places on Animal Friends’ adoption floor who are then given a priceless second chance thanks to your adoption.
Having two cats doesn't require much additional effort. An extra food and water dish and litter box is worth the joy your instant family will bring. AnimalFriends' Adoption Counselors will work with you to find exactly the right cats – two that are compatible with you as well as each other.
Click here to view our adoptable cats right now, or stop by our resource center to meet them today and take two of our furry felines home for the cost of one adoption donation!

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