Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Guest Post: Dede Rittman, Author of Grady Gets Glasses

Who doesn’t love dogs, and cats, and bunnies?
Animal Friends employees and volunteers do an extraordinary job of caring for furry friends in need, as I have seen firsthand.  I visit Animal Friends on a regular basis, recycling my newspapers, cardboard egg cartons, towels, and blankets (and they always need more- plus pet food donations!) I was very fortunate to “book” a book reading and signing for my new children’s book “Grady Gets Glasses” at Animal Friends- with new children friends and all of the bunny friends!  What an exciting afternoon!
The volunteers brought all of the bunnies into the room- with pens set up around them to keep them safe.  I read “Grady Gets Glasses” to the kids- while wearing bunny ears, of course!  The kids were very responsive to the rhymes and the rabbits- so, of course, I had to hand out Grady stickers!  And then, all of us went inside the penned areas to pet the bunnies!
What a fun afternoon!  The Animal Friends employees and volunteers kept a watchful eye on the small children, educating them about the care and petting of bunnies.  It was so sweet!  And the children truly enjoyed the book reading and their new (pretend) rabbit friend Grady, and their new real rabbit friends at the shelter.
Please invite us back for another reading!  Grady and I had a wonderful time!
“Grady Gets Glasses” coloring books are also available, and a new toy Grady is coming soon!

Dede Rittman
Author, Speaker, Teacher

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