Monday, 1 August 2016

Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Jade

This handsome boy is Jade and he is looking for a home that will offer him all the love and affection he deserves.

Jade is a gray 2-year-old Tabby that was originally a rescue but quickly become a beloved member of his family. He is a genuine sweetheart and is very playful and friendly. One of Jade's favorite pastimes is to jump into the nearest lap, wait for the pets to begin and then start the purr engines! Give him a toy like a small ball and Jade will keep you entertained as he chases it all through your home.

Jade's family is searching for a new home that will love him just as much as they do. He loves to use his scratching post and never scratches the furniture or, more importantly, people! This 2-year-old dream cat is also anything but a fussy eater ... could you ask for a better feline friend?

If you think Jade would be a good fit for you and your home, please contact his current family to arrange a meeting:

Jack Schaeffer
412.421.3791 or 412.268.3561

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