Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Chet and Ringo

Meet Chet, a male tabby and Ringo, a male with a gorgeous black coat. These brothers are both just over a year old and would love to be adopted together. They were born as strays but were taken in and cared for by a foster mother.

Both Chet and Ringo are neutered, microchipped and have received all of their vaccinations. They are proper gentlemen who are fantastic with a litter box and do very well in a carrier and in the car, though they are still getting used to having their nails trimmed.

Chet and Ringo currently live in a home with two other cats and they all get along extremely well. They have not had experience with dogs or small children, so their current family is not sure how they would handle a home with either.

Chet is a sweet and loving boy, but can be a bit shy especially around new people. The quickest way to this kitty's heart is by playing with him and his feather toys or giving him a nice head scratch!

Ringo has a very calm temperament and prefers sunbathing and napping on his cat tree. When he's not lounging around the house, Ringo loves to play with his brother. Since these two are still young and love to play together, they would prefer to find a home together.

If you're interested in adopting Chet, Ringo or both please contact their foster mom, Samantha at

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