Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Aoife

Aoife turned up a few months ago on the porch of some Good Samaritans. They immediately took her to be spayed before bringing her back to their home. Once she was returned to the porch where they had found her, she took off only to reappear with four very tiny kittens. It seemed that Aoife knew she had found a safe place for them to stay. After fostering the entire family, Aoife's guardian angels found new homes for the four kittens.
Aoife's name is Gaelic for "Eve" and is pronounced "Ee'-fa." She is a very petite cat with white, gray and brown tabby markings. She has been spayed, microchipped and received all of her vaccinations. She has also tested negative for FIV and FeLeuk. According to the family's veterinarian, Aoife is likely less than a year old.
This little lady has a very sweet disposition and is very friendly and social. She is quiet, playful, likes being petted and brushed and always stays close to her human family members. She has been kept indoors for the majority of the time since she was found and would love to remain and indoor-only cat. Aoife gets along well with her housemate cats, but wouldn't mind going to a home where she would be the only feline.
If you're looking for a wonderful young cat who would make a fantastic companion, please contact john.olson1@att.net to learn more about this very special girl.

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