Monday, 15 May 2017

Squiggy's Journey

Filthy from nose to tail and dangerously thin, Squiggy was rescued from a garage with four other dogs by our Humane Investigations team in 2013. She was incredibly sweet – despite the deplorable living conditions she was found in. Squiggy put on weight and slowly but surely regained her strength before finding a loving home.

Several years went by before Squiggy found her way back to Animal Friends. Her devoted owner had been battling health problems and – despite his best efforts – simply couldn’t give her the care she needed any longer. Devastated, he returned an 11-year-old Squiggy to Animal Friends.

Shortly after she returned, we discovered several masses on Squiggy’s head and neck. Tests confirmed that they were mast cell tumors, a product of a common, and potentially, aggressive type of skin cancer. Days later, she underwent surgery and the tumors were successfully removed.

Having fully recovered from her surgery, Squiggy is now cancer free and looking for a loving home to enjoy the rest of her days. This beautiful girl has truly become a staff and volunteer favorite at Animal Friends and after all she has been through, needs a family that will give her all the love she deserves.

From our Humane Police Officers and Medical team to our Admissions and Adoption Counselors and everywhere in between, Squiggy was given a second chance at a happy life thanks to the compassionate care of so many people. Now, she just needs someone to help her continue her story.

At Animal Friends, every day is full of compassion. Visit to turn your compassion into action. After all, it only takes one day to save a life.

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