Monday, 19 June 2017

The Out-of-Towner's Guide to Bark N'at

Bark N'at is a Pittsburgh-themed party fit for even the most experienced yinzers. But, we wanted to help some of the out-of-towners understand what Bark N'at is all about. That's why we came up with a few helpful tips so even if you're not a Pittsburgh native, you'll fit right in!

Parking Chair

You won't need to hold your place in line with one of these if you register online today!


A smaller version of a river, like the Allegheny that runs beneath the Roberto Clemente Bridge where we'll be partying all evening long at Bark N'at!

Chipped Chopped Ham

A local delicacy you might not find in our food truck alley. But don't worry, we'll have plenty of other delicious hometown favorites to choose from!


Another name for sprinkles ... not to be confused with our Lead Yinzer, Jimmy Krenn.


Also known as downtown. This is the only place you'll want to be on Sat., June 24 for Bark N'at on the Clemente Bridge!
So how's about you stop putzing around and register for Bark N'at today!

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