Friday, 18 August 2017

Squiggy's Bucket List

Our dear Squiggy was rescued in 2013 by our Humane Investigations team. Shortly thereafter, she soon found a loving home. But recently, Squiggy’s owner could no longer care for her and she came back to us.

Soon after she returned we found several masses on her head and neck. They were mast cell tumors. Our Medical team didn’t miss a beat and scheduled her surgery to successfully remove the tumors.

But Squiggy’s cancer has returned – leaving her Animal Friends’ family devastated. This time, we’ve chosen not to operate further with the best interest of Squiggy’s well-being. So we are even more determined to find her a loving home where she can happily live out the rest of her days.

As Squiggy continues to impatiently wait for her family to come along, we want to make her time with us a much fun as possible. So, her Animal Friends' family is helping her check a few things off her bucket list ...

Squiggy's Bucket List

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How a Microchip Can Keep Your Pet Safe this Summer

Warm weather is upon us and people and their pets are spending time outdoors enjoying the summer. With all of this outdoor fun, it’s important for pet owners to keep their furry family members safe, especially in the unfortunate event of a lost pet.

What is microchipping?

A microchip is a tiny device–about the size of a grain of rice–that is implanted beneath your pet’s skin, typically in the shoulder blade. The procedure is simple and virtually painless for the patient. The small chip contains a unique identification number and can be scanned in the event that the pet is found and brought to a veterinarian, clinic or shelter.

Why is this important for my pet?

Approximately one in three pets will get lost in its lifetime. Even pets whose owners have taken extra precautions can become separated from their families, whether curiosity leads them under a fence or a startling noise causes them to dart out an open door or window. Having a microchip significantly increases the likelihood of a pet and owner being reunited.

According to Found Animals Registry, shelters report that microchipped dogs are 2.4 times more likely to be reunited with their families while microchipped cats are reunited 21.4 times more often! When a microchipped pet is found, most veterinarians, shelters, animal control agencies and police departments can read the chip for easy access to the pet owner’s information. If a pet is found and does not have a microchip, locating the owner becomes a much more difficult task, especially if the animal’s collar and identification tags have been removed or have fallen off.

How can I get my pet microchipped?

Animal Friends offers low-cost vaccine and microchipping clinics during the year where pet owners can easily access the services they need while receiving information from educated animal care professionals. Here, a microchip will be implanted by a licensed veterinarian and the pet owner’s contact information will be uploaded to a national registry. Microchips are low risk, with less than .01 percent of animals implanted experiencing any negative reactions as a result.


What next?

Once your pet is microchipped, you will be given all of the information about the chip including how to access your personal information and make necessary updates such as your family’s veterinary, emergency contact information and even a current photograph of your pet.

A microchip is not a GPS tracking device; it is a permanent form of identification. It is important to remember that while a microchip significantly increases your pet’s chances of being safely returned, every possible precaution should be taken to keep them safe at home this summer.

To learn more about how Animal Friends can help you keep your pet happy, healthy and safe this summer, and to print a money-saving coupon to use toward your pet’s microchip, visit

Monday, 7 August 2017

Home to Home Adoption Program: Baby

Baby is a sweet and loving 8-year-old Black Lab/Retriever mix who found her way to her current home a little over a year ago after her owner passed away. She is typically a well-behaved and mild-mannered girl and gets along well with her Siberian Husky housemate. Outside the home, Baby can be selective when interacting with other dogs, typically when she is outside of her own yard on walks or at the dog park.

This beautiful girl loves to be pet and will stay right by your side as a constant companion. She would probably do best as the only pet in a family that is looking for a loyal canine friend. Baby spent most of her life with her former owner and is looking for a loving home where she can settle in and relax with her new family. Sharing a home with a canine sibling, Baby hasn't been getting the one-on-one attention she is used to, so her current family wants to find her the perfect home where she can get all the love she deserves.

If you're interested in meeting Baby, please contact Kim at or 412.385.2198.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Adopting Two Cats is Twice as Nice!

Shelters face tough times during the spring and summer … it’s the dreaded kitten season. This is when the weather gets warm and cats give birth. Shelters struggle to accommodate the overwhelming influx of kittens that come through their doors each year. And, Animal Friends  is certainly feeling the effects of kitten season.

We have more than 50 homeless kittens waiting to find loving families. So we need your help! Right now is the perfect time to adopt a sweet kitten … or two! At Animal Friends we know it’s twice as nice to adopt two kittens at once.

Not to mention, when you adopt two animals from Animal Friends, you get twice the amount of love for one adoption donation!

There are many benefits to adding two kittens to your family at once ...
  • They will always have a playmate to chase, wrestle and keep them active, well-exercised and healthy.
  • Many cats are social creatures and will love having a sibling to groom and cuddle with during naptime.
  • Often times, destructive behavior in pets is traced to boredom. Having a companion will keep them out of trouble!
  • You can experience the joy of having a friendly greeting when you return home without feeling guilty about leaving your pet home alone.
  • Two cats means double the love, an extra dose of fun and twice as much snuggling!
  • Most importantly, adopting two cats actually saves four lives – the two you’re adopting and the two that will take their spots on the adoption floor at Animal Friends!
So, come to Animal Friends or visit to meet our adoptable kittens today!