Friday, 18 August 2017

Squiggy's Bucket List

Our dear Squiggy was rescued in 2013 by our Humane Investigations team. Shortly thereafter, she soon found a loving home. But recently, Squiggy’s owner could no longer care for her and she came back to us.

Soon after she returned we found several masses on her head and neck. They were mast cell tumors. Our Medical team didn’t miss a beat and scheduled her surgery to successfully remove the tumors.

But Squiggy’s cancer has returned – leaving her Animal Friends’ family devastated. This time, we’ve chosen not to operate further with the best interest of Squiggy’s well-being. So we are even more determined to find her a loving home where she can happily live out the rest of her days.

As Squiggy continues to impatiently wait for her family to come along, we want to make her time with us a much fun as possible. So, her Animal Friends' family is helping her check a few things off her bucket list ...

Squiggy's Bucket List

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