Friday, 3 November 2017

Oats: Home to Home Adoption Program

EDIT: We're happy to report that Oats has found a loving new home!
Oats is a 5-year-old Terrier mix who joined his family about 3 years ago. He was originally adopted from a shelter in Texas after being found as a stray. Although he is very shy, Oats has never shown any signs of aggression toward humans or other animals. He's a sweet and gentle dog, but is fearful of new situations and loud noises like fireworks.
This lovable boy is housebroken and loves going for long walks outside. He does well around small dogs and cats, but isn't a big fan of larger, energetic dogs. He would probably thrive in a family with another small dog to help him explore his new home. While he is very shy, Oats is great in the car and is very brave at a groomer or vet's office.
Since adopting Oats, his family has welcomed two new members who are currently 2 years and 4 months old. Although he hasn't shown any signs of aggression toward them, the loud noises and chaos that come with young children are very scary to him. His family is heartbroken because they've watched his confidence slowly decrease as he's spent more and more time hiding. He has started losing weight, which is likely because of the increased stress he's been experiencing, especially because recent blood work indicated no medical issues that may have caused the weight loss. That's why his family has made the difficult decision that it's time to find a better life for Oats ... even if that means finding a new family for him.
While it saddens his current family, they've debated rehoming him for quite some time. But in Oats' best interest, they've finally decided that he deserves a family that is a better fit for his timid personality. Although he's had a difficult time living with a baby and a toddler, Oats has frequently interacted with children elementary school age and older, and he does great! Oats just needs a calm and understanding family that can be patient with him as he overcomes his fear and slowly gains trust.


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