Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Saving Lives and Spreading Smiles

Every year, hundreds of kittens find their way through our doors. Sadly, many of them arrive without the safety, security and nutrition their mother can offer. Under these circumstances, we rely on Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) to give them the important nutritional support that a mother cat’s milk provides. For kittens newborn to 6 weeks old, mother’s milk supplies prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and minerals that are essential for them to grow into healthy adults.

This was just the case in August when we met Olwen, a tiny kitten who was just 5 days old. He had been discovered by a construction worker and was brought to Animal Friends. He was dirty, covered in oil and infested with fleas. We knew we needed to act quickly, so our Medical team jumped into action getting Olwen cleaned up and placing him into an incubator.

Since Olwen was still far too young to be away from his mother, we started him on KMR to be sure he would have a steady supply of the critical nutrition he would need to gain his strength. Before too long, Olwen was well on his way to growing into a healthy, happy and playful kitten. Once he was given a clean bill of health, Olwen was ready for adoption and just a few short months after arriving at Animal Friends, he found a loving new home!

You can save the lives of kittens just like Olwen (and all of our animal friends) by sending them a gift from our Amazon Wish List. For an added bonus, start your shopping at and designate Animal Friends as your charity and a portion of every purchase you make on Amazon will be donated to benefit our shelter residents. With the holiday season upon us and lots of online shopping to do, you can make a big difference in the lives of some very deserving animals.

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