Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Double Trouble? Think Again!: Benefits of Adopting a Pair

Warm weather marks the beginning of kitten season at Animal Friends. This is the time of year that cats give birth, often beginning as early as March and lasting into October. At Animal Friends, we're  feeling the effects of kitten season as we work tirelessly to accommodate the overwhelming needs of kittens who come through our doors. With so many homeless kittens waiting to find loving families, right now is the perfect time to adopt a sweet kitten … or two! At Animal Friends, we know it’s twice as nice to adopt two kittens at once.

Not to mention, when you adopt two animals from Animal Friends, you get twice the amount of love for one adoption donation!

There are many benefits to adding two kittens to your family at once.
  • They will always have a playmate to chase, wrestle and keep them active, well-exercised and healthy.
  • Many cats are social and will love having a sibling to groom and cuddle with during nap time.
  • Kittens learn from each other! If one is a little shy, socializing with an outgoing sibling can show them how to interact with humans.
  • Usually, negative behaviors in pets can be because of boredom. Having a companion will help to keep them mentally stimulated and out of trouble!
  • We all have to leave home from time to time. Having a kitten sibling can alleviate separation anxiety for your kitten and can prevent you from feeling guilty for being away.
  • Two cats will bring your family double the love. They make great lap warmers during the winter months and offer twice as many purrs and cheek rubs. The only thing more heartwarming than the love of a pet is the love of two!
  • Adopting two cats actually saves four lives  the two you're adopting, and the two that will take their open spots at Animal Friends, given a priceless second chance thanks to your adoption.

Having two kittens doesn't require much additional effort, either. An extra food and water dish and litterbox is well worth the joy your newest additions will bring to the family. Plus, if you adopt from Animal Friends, your newest family members will be spayed/neutered, microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations. 

Often, Animal Friends has pairs of cats who have come in together and need to find a home with room for two. We'll help you introduce your new cats to your home and give them the time and space they need to bond. 

It’s the perfect time to bring home two homeless cats! How can you resist? Two-step to Animal Friends at double speed – after all, two cats certainly are twice as nice!

So, come to Animal Friends or visit ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org/Cats to meet our adoptable cats today!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bonded Pairs: The Importance of Bunny Relationships

The companionship of a rabbit can bring lots of fun and happiness into the home. From their sweet demeanor to their exceptional intelligence, rabbits can add a unique and playful presence to any family. But, what you may not realize about rabbits is their capacity for friendship and its importance in their lives. Bonded rabbits, or two rabbits who are emotionally connected, help each other navigate their world – physically and emotionally – making them the perfect adoptable duo! And, by adopting a bonded pair, not only are you maintaining the special connection between two bunnies, but you are saving two lives.

A Special Bond

Since they are very social animals, rabbits who are bonded have a deep and lasting relationship. Many of these pairs do almost everything together. Whether it is eating, sleeping, grooming or simply exploring their surroundings, bonded pairs make everything a group activity. Physically, these bonded bunnies spend hours cuddling and sleeping together, ensuring the other is safe and comfortable.

Twice the Love

Many people don't fully understand the connection between bonded rabbits, so they often have to wait longer to be adopted. And, while it may seem that adopting two rabbits is twice the work, bonded rabbits are no more work than one – they love to share. With one litterbox, one set of water and food bowls and one living space, you get twice the amount love!

Bonding Made Easy

Although bunnies can love their companions, introducing two new bunnies to one another can be a stressful and lengthy process (from weeks to even years). By adopting a pair, the bonding process is already complete. The contrasting personalities and temperaments of two bunnies can create an unwelcome and even unsafe environment for bonding. For many experienced bunny owners who have gone through the bonding process themselves, the ease of adopting an already bonded pair is the best option.

While some bonded pairs are very close, each pair is different. While they may not be joined at the hip, they still share an important connection.

Open Your Heart and Your Home

At Animal Friends, we often meet families who adopt a rabbit and soon realize they're ready to add a second floppy-eared member to the family. With so many bonded pairs of rabbits searching for loving homes where they can stay together, we encourage you to consider adding one of these lovable duos to your family.

Click here to meet the adoptable rabbits at Animal Friends. Who knows, maybe two will hop into your heart!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Beat the Heat

Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets

Summer is the perfect time of year to experience the outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather, but the heat can take a serious toll on your four-legged companion. Animal Friends has a few tips to help you beat the heat and keep your pets safe, healthy and cool during the warm months ahead.

Visit your veterinarian.

A checkup for your pet is in order this time of year. In the warmer months, your companion is at a high risk of contracting parasites, fleas and ticks, which can cause much bigger problems down the road. Preventative treatments are much easier (and less expensive!) than an emergency visit to the vet.

Practice parking lot and vehicle safety.

When the weather starts heating up, protect those paws from the hot asphalt and pavement by walking on grassy areas whenever possible. Paw pads can burn easily, especially since pets do not usually wear shoes outdoors like we do!
Your pet should never be left in a parked car. Even with the windows down, a car can quickly reach an internal temperature of more than 120 degrees, which is enough to cause severe heat stroke or worse. Your pet is much safer at home on warm days, especially if your destination is not a pet-friendly one. If you see an animal in distress in a parked car, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Drink up.

As the temperature rises, animals need to drink much more water to stay hydrated. Be sure your pet has plenty of cool, clean water to drink, especially if they’re spending some time outside on warm days. Check water dishes frequently and be sure they are placed out of the sun’s reach in shady areas. Drinking dishes should be secured to avoid accidental spills.

Know the symptoms of overheating in pets.

Heat stress and heat stroke can be serious threats to animals – especially those who are very young, old or overweight. Pets with flat faces such as Pugs or Persian cats are at unique risk for overheating because their faces do not allow them to pant effectively. Animals can have trouble maintaining their body temperature, especially when outdoor temperatures and humidity levels are high.
Symptoms of heat exhaustion include excessive panting, difficulty breathing, drooling, mild weakness, increased heart and respiratory rate, stupor and collapse. Symptoms can also include seizures, bloody diarrhea and vomiting, along with an elevated body temperature of more than 104 degrees.

Beat the heat.

If your pet is overheated, move them out of the sun immediately and immerse them in cool water. Apply ice packs to the head, neck and chest and provide cool water for them to drink. If you are concerned about your pet’s health, contact your veterinarian immediately
If it's simply too hot to safely enjoy the weather together, try some of these enrichment activities you can enjoy inside with your pets. And, be sure to join us at Animal Friends this summer for plenty of fun classes and events (indoors and outdoors!) for you and your pets.

Misty: Animal Friends' Home to Home Adoption Program

Misty is a 1-year-old Yellow Lab who is full of love and energy that she cannot wait to share with her new family. While she is very loved and well cared for by her current family, they are searching for a home where Misty can get all of the exercise and physical activities that are so important for young dogs. Whether it is taking a walk around the neighborhood, playing fetch or simply running around a fenced-in yard, this pup loves to stretch her legs and burn off some energy.

Misty is housebroken and crate trained – although she can get a bit anxious if she is crated for an extended period. Misty has also visited the vet regularly and is in great health. This sweet pup already knows a few basic commands and has attended puppy obedience class. She is always excited to meet people and loves to give kisses and play with new friends. She is such a gentle and loving dog who would make a perfect addition to any family willing to give her the attention and affection that she deserves.
To set up a meet and greet with Misty, contact her current family at tfornataro_354@comcast.net.